Swarapadi periodically upgrades and maintains the equipment

Please contact us prior to your session. The current voltage in Bali is 220volt / 50hz.

day lit tracking room

Mixing Console

Solid State Logic 9064 J total recall & ultimation


Digidesign Protools HD 3Accel

Digidesign 192 i/o x 2

Protools 8.0 + plug ins

Apogee AD16x

Tascam CD RW 900 SL

Speaker Monitor

Dynaudio Acoustic M3 bi amp with Chord amplification

Dynaudio Acoustics BM6

Dynaudio Acoustics DMB50

Tannoy Reveal 501A


AKG K 240 headphone x 6


AKG D112

Audio technica 4040 x 2

Blue Dragon Fly

Blue Blueberry

CAD M9 tube mic

Crowly & Trip ribbon

DPA 4011 x 2

Rode NT 4 strereo mic

Electrovoice RE 20


Lawson U47 tube gold

Neumann U87

Sennheiser MD 421 x 2

Shure SM 57 x 2

fX Processor

TC Electronic System 6000

Eventide H3000 D/SE

Lexicon 300

Roland SDE-330

Sony R7

TC electronic M2000

TC electronic M One XL

Yamaha SPX 990

Tube tech CL-1B compressor

DBX 1046 compressor

TC Electronic triple C compressor

Mic Preamp

Millennia Media HV3-8ch

Millennia Media TD-1

Custom J.H. Brant 2 ch. preamp

Digi pre 8 ch

Focusrite ISA 110 limited x 2

Vintage Quad Eight Pacifica x 2

Tube Tech MP1A


DW drum set collectors series 22" kick + DW 5000 pedal 14" x 6" maple & copper snare 12" tom ,14" tom, 16" tom

Zildjian K, K light 14" HiHat

Zildjian K 20" constantinople flat ride

Zildjian K custom, 20" 22" dark ride

Zildjian A 12",K 18" china

Zildjian K 16",17", A 18" med crash

Zildjian K 8", 10" splash

Arturia midi keyboard

Korg M60 keyboard

Korg Tritiny rack

Roland Fantom X8 keyboard

Roland JV 1080 r

TC electronic 12 x 2 bass cabinet

TC electronic RH500 bass amp

Marshall JCM 2000 guitar amp

Marshall 1960A guitar cabinet

Mesa Solo Head 50 guitar amp